Enthusiasms is an edited stream of consciousness, by Simen.

This is really sad/sweet. Whateverest is a fake documentary inspired and soundtracked by Todd Terje’s music. It had The Guardian fooled. Marius, alias “Inspector Norse”, is not a very bright man, but he is a man with dreams. He’s stuck in his small Norwegian hometown, where he cares for his aging father and has converted his father’s bakery into a tanning salon to support himself. In his spare time, he makes dance music that has so far been met with a mountain of indifference. And he dances. Oh, how he dances, everywhere, preferrably high on home-made party drugs. There’s something infinitely sad about the way he talks about his shattered dreams—the way he attempts to convince himself that he no longer desires what he so clearly desires because he knows he can’t have it. But it makes for a great short film, with a great soundtrack.

Feb 23, 2013