Enthusiasms is an edited stream of consciousness, by Simen.

Look at all these links. Week 9.

Soviet electronica from 1984. The lyrics are exercise instructions.

Paperman (2012), an Oscar-winning, animated black and white short film from Disney.

Juvenile fun: I stumbled upon Benjamin Franklin’s list of euphemisms for being drunk from 1737. As is the nature of euphemism, the list is ambiguous. Observe: He’s Biggy, Half Way to Concord, Loaded his Cart, He’s been too free with the Creature, Enter’d, His Flag is out, Hardy, Got on his little Hat, Got the Hornson, Mountous, Rais’d his Monuments, Rais’d, Soft, He makes Virginia Fence…

The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure. Quick! This thing will be gone after a year, and it’s already in week 47.

Proc World is a very impressive procedural engine for generating and modifying voxel worlds. This demo video demonstrates how it could be used to create Minecraft on steroids, but that’s only one possible application of the engine, which also handles non-square objects just fine. Very interesting, and the blog details many of the technical difficulties in pulling something like this off. See also: Project Frontier, nowhere near as technically impressive, but an interesting behind-the-scenes look at procedural generation.

Speaking of game design: a look at the creation of Museum, a gorgeous new Counter-Strike map.

It’s been years since I used to hang out on the ruby-talk mailing list, but it pleases me that Ruby 2.0.0 was just released. Featuring real keyword arguments! My dark secret that I don’t tell anyone but my faithful blog readers: when I’m bored, I write Lisp interpreters in Ruby.

In the 19th century, the Chilean island of Chiloé was de facto ruled by a witch mafia.

SCP-1471 wants to be your friend. “Never settle for those awkward feelings of being alone ever again." The SCP Foundation remains one of my favorite collaborative fiction projects, existing somewhere in the intersection between the Cold War, creepypasta, Lovecraft, Twin Peaks and The X-Files. SCP-093 is a great short story.

Feb 25, 2013