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How to: make your website look like mine

I won’t pretend my inbox is getting bombed, but I’ve had a few requests for the theme code I use. Hi, I’d like my website to look like yours. Is that possible? Well, no. I haven’t been giving out that code. For several reasons. The most obvious being that I don’t want everybody’s websites to look like mine, because then mine will look like everyone else’s. The other reason is that then I’d feel obligated to provide support, explain to others how to modify my theme to make it different in ways I feel cheapens it, and so on. When I made my first Tumblr theme, in 2007, it was easy. Today, there are so many features and people expect everything to be customizable, which is a pain in the ass because I make webdesigns to fit my needs and I don’t want to deal with the conflicting needs and special-cases of twenty thousand other people (roughly the number of people who use my Asterism theme). Plus, many of those custom options, if you fiddle with them, make the design ugly, and I don’t want my name and website link and “designed by” on an ugly website.

But when all is said and done, my website’s look isn’t that unique. And I doubt that there are that many people who want to use it. So here it is. The code. It isn’t extensively tested, it doesn’t come with support, and it doesn’t even support the audio post type. But it’s there if you want to use it. If you do, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave my name in it, unless you modify it (which is fine!) to make it ugly (ugh!), in which case I’d prefer it if you removed my link.

Lest you think I’m incapable of making a website that isn’t black on white with a little gray here and there, I’m also taking this opportunity to plug the very first theme I made for Tumblr. It’s called Evening Tea and I still quite like it. It hasn’t been updated or tested since 2008, but it appears to work and if you want to use it, the code is here.

Jul 12, 2011